What to know about the new double-acting Taha hydraulic press jack

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We’ve seen the latest version of the Double-Acting Taha press jack, and it looks pretty slick.

With a full-width, flat-ground design, it’s basically like an enlarged version of a standard press jack with some extra “features” like a large, flat metal ring that lets you hold a press down and move it around.

It looks a little bit like the press jack we used to have at the bottom of the iPhone 6 Plus.

There are some subtle differences, too.

The iPhone 6 has a different back design from the previous version, which is a little odd.

You can see the “iPhone” design in the upper left corner.

There’s also a new shape in the lower right corner.

The “iPhone”-shaped shape has been replaced by the “t” shape, which looks like a small rectangle.

And that “t”-shaped rectangle is also now surrounded by a square that extends all the way down the side of the press, like a “Square” shape.

All of these changes make for a much cleaner, more functional press jack.

The design looks great, but it doesn’t do anything new.

The most interesting thing about this press jack is that it’s reversible, which makes it easier to swap out.

The new design means you can press down on the new press with a simple, straight-forward, “tap” motion, and that makes it much more convenient to switch between press-and-hold and push-and/or pull-and pull.

It also means that you can now press down with both hands and not just one.

The bottom-right corner is where you can use the “Tap” feature, which lets you press the iPhone’s button directly.

If you want to press the button with your other hand, you can also hold down the press button with both your fingers and hold the button down with one finger.

That means you have to hold the press down just slightly to press down, which means it’s not quite as easy to press it down as you could with the old press.

We don’t know yet if this is the final press jack design, but the new design certainly looks nicer than the old one.

So far, this new design looks really nice.

What about the price?

The new press jack costs $199, and the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are $199 more.

If the $199 price is too steep for you, you’ll still get a better press jack than what the old iPhone 6 model came with.

The company also sells a new iPhone X case that you won’t have to shell out for, but you will get a new case that’s $49 more.

That’s $20 less than the $149 new case you’ll get with the iPhone 8.

That new case is a slightly different design, too, so it’ll look a little different.

It’s definitely a nice way to save a few bucks, but we’ll have to wait and see how the new iPhones fare.

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