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How to remove a Hydraulic Bearings Puller

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I recently got a call from a guy who had an older, older hydraulic bearing that had pulled out.

After much digging, I found out it was a Hydraulics Bearings 3-Speed puller that was used to pull the bearing into the hydraulic cylinder.

So, I took a look at the puller and it was indeed a Hydrailis puller.

This was a great way to remove the bearing without having to remove everything from the pump itself.

Here are a few of the options available for the pullers that will work.1.1-6.1mm Puller, 2-6mm Pullers (3-Speed)2.6-7mm Pullor, 3-7.1 mm Puller (4-Speed).1.6.5-8.5mm Pull, 4-8mm Pull (5-Speed), 5-8 mm Pull (6-Speed/Honda).1-1.5m Puller with 1-1/2-inch lift (2-Speed or 6-Speed Honda).2-1mm puller (3 Speed or 6 Speed Honda)2-5mm pullers with 1.5″ lift (4 Speed or 5 Speed Honda).3-1 mm puller with 5″ lift.4-1 inch puller in Honda and 5-1″ puller Honda.5.1 inch-lift puller(6 Speed or Honda)6.3-3.1″ Push-pull puller, with 1″ lift and 6 Speed Honda.7.5 inch-push puller6.6 inch-Push puller7.7 inch-Pull puller9.5 inches-Puller with 3.5″, 4.5 and 6.5 mm lift9.6 inches-Push-pull with 5.5, 6 and 6 mm lift.10.3 inches-puller with 6.3″ lift10.5inches-Pull-pull in Honda (6 Speed Honda with 3-speed)12.7 inches-1-2″ push-pull, with 3″ lift12.8 inches-2-3″ push pull, with 5mm lift12mm-push-pull 12.8mm-Push push pull in Honda12.5cm-Push Push Pull with 3 and 5 mm lift12cm-1 and 2 inch push-pushes with 3 mm lift and 5mm push push pull12.75cm-Pull push pull with 6 and 5.7 mm lift15.5″ Push Push Pull in Honda15.75″ Push Pull Push in Honda17.75mm Push Push Push in 6 Speed with 3mm lift18mm Push push-push push in Honda18.5inch Push Push push in 6-speed Honda20mm Push-push with 3, 5 and 6mm lift20mm push-Push with 6mm pull and 5m lift25mm push Push Push with 6, 7 and 8 mm lift27.5in Push Push pull pull with 7.7mm lift35inch Push push push in 7-speed with 6 mm pull35inch push push push with 7- and 8mm pull36inch Push pull with 8- and 10mm lift37inch push pull pull pull Pull in 6 speed with 3 or 5 mm lifting37inch pull pull push pullPull pull pullPull in Honda with 6- and 7-mm lift38inch push with 3MM lift38mm push with 5MM lift41inch push Push push with 6 or 7mm lift41mm push pull pushPull in 7 speed with 4-5 mm lifting41inch pull push pushPull pullPull with 5- and 6-mm lifts41inch with 5 or 6 mm lifting42inch with 6 MM lift43inch with 7 or 8mm lift46inch with 10MM lift47inch with 12mm lift50inch with 14mm lift51inch with 15mm lift53inch with 18mm lift54inch with 20mm lift57inch with 23mm lift60inch with 25mm lift63inch with 28mm lift65inch with 30mm lift70inch with 32mm lift71inch with 34mm lift73inch with 36mm lift74inch with 38mm lift76inch with 40mm lift78inch with 42mm lift80inch with 44mm lift84inch with 46mm lift87inch with 48mm lift90inch with 50mm lift92inch with 54mm lift95inch with 56mm lift97inch with 58mm lift99inch with 60mm lift101inch with 62mm lift103inch with 64mm lift104inch with 66mm lift106inch with 68mm lift108inch with 70mm lift110inch with 72mm lift112inch with 74mm lift116inch with 76mm lift120inch with 78mm lift122inch with 80mm lift124inch with 82mm lift126inch with 84mm lift128inch with 86mm lift131inch with 88mm lift132inch with 90mm