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Why you shouldn’t be too concerned about the new ‘Taha Hydraulics’

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If you’ve been keeping tabs on Australia’s aluminium-based engines, you may be thinking that the new Cummins-built Exporter was going to do the trick.

But if you’re like most people, you’re not likely to be overly concerned.

The Exporter is a diesel-powered diesel that will start shipping in 2020, making it the first diesel engine to be offered in Australia.

It’s the Cummins Engine Corporation’s first diesel product and, with that said, the engine will be delivered with the intention of providing the company with some competition.

What’s new with the Exporter engine?

The Exorter engine is the first in a new class of Cummins engines, which are based on the Cummis-produced 4WD turbo diesel, which was introduced by the Cumm-Scania division of Cumm-Auto in the mid-1990s.

The Cummins engine is an all-wheel-drive version of the Cummin engine, with a three-speed manual gearbox.

This allows the Cummons engine to handle higher torque and a higher peak power output than previous engines.

Cummins engines are designed to produce the best torque and performance for the vehicle they’re fitted to.

This is achieved through a combination of the use of low compression, low-revving (LVR) engines and an advanced design with two valves per cylinder.

These engines are more than capable of powering a wide range of vehicles from the smallest SUVs to the biggest SUVs.

Exporter diesel engine specifications: Taha hydraulic bearing puller: 120hp (84kW) Cummons 4WD engine: 110hp (71kW), 140lb-ft (53Nm) Bore dimensions: 9.8in x 1.2in x 2.3in Max torque: 2,750Nm (4,300lb ft) Max power: 2.5kW (2,800Nm), 3.5lb-force (2.1kW)*Maximum torque: 4,000Nm Max speed: 80km/h (50mph) *Power output: 3,700kW

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