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Exporter: Apple has no plans to change iOS in a decade

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Apple’s decision to end support for the Mac platform was long anticipated, but the company has no intention of changing its software for the foreseeable future, a company spokesperson told CNNMoney.

The decision to remove support for Macs is a “tremendous shift,” the spokesperson said.

“There’s no plan to bring back Macs.”

The move follows a series of decisions by Apple that have made the platform more user-friendly and productive.

Apple removed the Mac from the App Store, allowing developers to create iOS apps without Mac support.

Apple has also allowed developers to develop their own Mac apps.

Apple said that Apple has also removed restrictions on third-party developers who want to develop for the iOS platform.

“The App Store and Mac app store have been open to developers since 2015, but those restrictions have been removed and developers can now develop on any Mac, iOS or Windows platform,” the company said.

“We continue to support Apple and continue to work to bring more great apps to iOS.”

Apple is also allowing developers with more than 10 million users to add their apps to the AppStore.

“Developers are encouraged to submit their apps, and Apple will prioritize the best apps for their platforms and apps,” the Apple spokesperson said in a statement.

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