Tesla is reportedly launching its first hydraulic power pack

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By Tom WilliamsNovember 11, 2017 11:05:30Tesla has reportedly started manufacturing a small hydraulic powerpack for the Model 3, according to Autodata’s Tom Williams.

The product will be called the HydraulicPowerPack, and it’ll have an estimated price of around $40.

According to Autogest, the PowerPack will feature a “two-barrel, 5,000-watt, 10-barreled hydraulic motor” that is capable of delivering up to 745 pounds of torque to the front wheels.

Williams said he was not able to get an exact price for the Powerpack but noted that the “possibility of the price being over $40 could be quite attractive.”

According to a blog post from Tesla’s product development team, the HydraulicsPowerPack will be available by the end of November.

The company is reportedly working on a “significant expansion of the powerpack range” as well as a “substantial expansion” of its vehicle battery and charger capabilities.

Tesla’s current powerpack offerings include a single cylinder power pack, a two-barres lithium ion battery pack, and a single-barred lithium ion charging unit.

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