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Taha’s Hydraulic Puller & Power Pack is ready for its big day in the US

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Posted October 28, 2018 07:05:24Taha, the company that makes hydraulic power systems for power plants, is bringing its HydraulicPowerPack system to the US, the same day that it’s debuting its first new product to the marketplace since 2011.

The new system, which is based on a new hydraulic power technology called HydraulicPuller, comes as the US is under a record heat wave.

Taha expects to begin using the new technology in the coming months, and will offer a free trial of the system to any customer in the United States that is eligible for a $299, non-refundable shipping discount.

The Hydraulic-powered power pack is made up of two hydraulic units, one at each end of a cylinder that have a pair of pulleys, each of which is connected to a small, flexible shaft that has a hydraulic pump attached to it.

The power pack consists of two cylinders, one with a large diameter and the other with a smaller diameter.

The larger diameter cylinder is the unit that powers the compressor.

When the power pack reaches the desired power output, the shafts are released, and the system pumps the compressed air into the cylinder, allowing the cylinder to start producing electricity.

Taha has been using the Hydraulic power pack for over a decade now, and its new version is the first to incorporate the Hydraulics new technology.

The company is offering a free shipping discount for US customers to qualify for the discounted shipping cost.

“The HydraulicPowerPack is designed to power up to four high-performance commercial generators and to power a large portion of an existing power plant, making it ideal for utility-scale power generation,” said Jim Lasker, vice president and general manager of corporate marketing at Taha.

“Taha’s hydraulic power pack can produce a significant amount of power in a relatively short time, while meeting stringent safety requirements.”

The system is powered by a single 120kV 12V, 90V AC DC motor.

The system can produce 1,200kW, which could be used in a number of applications, such as when it’s needed to supply the power to an existing substation or to a power plant with high demand.

The system has three main benefits:The system is able to run on batteries and does not require the use of large, bulky pumps.

It is compact, lightweight, and compact enough to fit in a car or truck and can be easily transported for use by customers.

The design makes the power system portable, and can also be easily installed on an existing gas line.

“The hydraulic powerpack is a major improvement over the conventional hydraulic pump system,” said Laskers partner, Eric G. Hoehne, senior vice president, sales and business development.

“It delivers a great amount of capacity in a short time and is a great fit for a large number of commercial power plants.

The HydraulicSystem has been a great success, with customers in the U.S. and around the world taking advantage of its performance and safety features, and we look forward to delivering this product to our customers.”

For more information about the Taha hydraulics hydraulic power system, visit:Taha Power Systems, Inc.SOURCE Wired

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