Taha: The new ‘Hydraulic Power’ Pack

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Taha is a subsidiary of Taha Corp, which is a global power producer of hydraulic fracturing fluids and chemicals, and the third-largest producer of natural gas in the United States.

Taha has been involved in several energy projects in the U.S., including the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline, the $1.6 billion Energy East pipeline, and a $3.4 billion project to expand the country’s existing natural gas pipeline network to the Arctic Ocean.

In October, Taha said it would move from the U to a joint venture with the UBS in an attempt to diversify its energy assets.

Thaos CEO, Michael T. Ralston, told the Wall Street Journal that Taha’s strategy is to focus on its core business of gas and oil and to invest more in other energy sectors, including renewables.

Taha announced last month that it would acquire two major energy companies, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.

(CNRL) and the Canadian Pacific Corp., in a deal that is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks.

CNRL, which owns the Maritimes’ largest oil refinery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and its second largest natural gas-burning facility in Alberta, is owned by CNRL’s parent company, Enbridge Inc.

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