Why RTE has decided to go all in with a new brand and branding

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RTE is looking to go for a brand that stands out.

RTE is the latest to adopt a brand with a focus on technology, as well as being the first Irish broadcaster to introduce a new logo and brand identity in Ireland.

A look at the brand designRTE’s new branding is a mix of blue and green and features elements of the company’s heritage, including the RTE logo.

Its aim is to give an impression of how technology has changed the world.

Its brand identity, with its blue and grey elements, will also reflect RTE’s commitment to innovation and change.RTE has said that its new branding will be more visible on its website and social media channels and on other RTE content.

The brand will also feature on its social media platforms, with a dedicated section dedicated to the brand, RTE said.

It will also be included in RTE Ireland’s social media profiles, it said.

The brand has been in place for a few years now, with the Irish broadcaster making a name for itself as a tech-savvy broadcaster.

It has seen a strong return on investment as it has been able to create a new business model for its technology products and services.

The company has also invested heavily in its digital media platforms with an online presence, as it prepares to launch a new digital platform for its news and current affairs content in the next few months.

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