Inside the Taha hydraulic power pack

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A Taha engine is capable of producing 1,300bhp, which means it can deliver up to 40 per cent more torque and 50 per cent less noise than the previous generation.

Its designers said they were building the Taa-P system to help improve the efficiency of trucks.

Taha said the system is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

The Taha Power Pack is a new technology developed by the TAA and built by Aero Power in collaboration with German powertrains provider Bosch.

In a demonstration of the system at the Tokyo Motor Show, the team demonstrated how the TAaP engine could be used to produce 1,600bhp.

After testing on two trucks, the engineers also tested it on a third truck, and it produced 1,900bhp at 3,600rpm.

It was a dramatic increase on the previous-generation Taa engine, which produced less than half that amount.

“The new engine will make it possible to achieve up to 1,200bhp,” TAA boss Toshiaki Nakamura told the AP news agency.

As part of its commitment to sustainable energy, TAA aims to reduce emissions by 40 per 100km driven.

Despite being designed to use up to 500 tonnes of fuel a day, the engine was able to produce a maximum of 100 tonnes.

An electric drivetrain would help, as it would be able to take over from a diesel engine.

However, the system could also be used for the production of other power sources.

Nakamura said the TAAA would use the technology to reduce CO2 levels by up to 10 per cent by 2020.

This will also help TAA to meet its sustainability goals.

According to the company, TAAA will have about 7,000 employees by 2020, with an expected workforce of more than 4,000.

Aero Power was founded in 2007 by former Aero Motors chief executive Toru Aoki. Source: AP

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