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How to use the Taha Hydraulic Press to create a 1/2 inch hole in a piece of glass

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Taha is a hydraulic powerpack manufacturer based in Japan, which makes two versions of their Hydraulic press, the Hydraulic Pro and the Hydraulics Pro.

The HydraulicPro uses a combination of the Tahas hydraulic power pack and an aluminum alloy press.

The Pro is designed to be used for producing hydraulic press components such as valves, bolts, and nuts.

The hydraulic press, in its simplest form, can be found in many products from automotive, automotive parts, and other consumer products, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats.

However, the Thaulic Pro is the most popular product in the industry.

This hydraulic press has a simple design that allows it to be assembled in less than five minutes.

The Thaulaulic Pro uses an aluminum Alloy press, a technology that was pioneered by Taha in the 1990s.

The press is similar to the Tila, but is a bit wider and taller.

In addition, the Pro has a metal construction, making it easier to fit and operate.

Here’s how to use a Thaolic Pro to create an 1/4 inch (3.5 mm) hole in an aluminum piece of aluminum.

To use the Hydraic Pro, use an 11-inch (25 cm) drill bit with a bit of drill bit extension.

Remove the THaulic Pro from the aluminum piece, then drill a 1.25-inch hole in the aluminum.

This is a 1mm (0.3 mm) square hole.

Drill a 1-inch (.6 mm) deep hole in both sides of the hole.

Screw on the extension.

Tighten the clamp with a pair of 10-mm-long hex bolts, then install the extension onto the press.

Drill the holes, using the drill bit as a guide.

Tightening the clamp while tightening the bolts ensures that the aluminum is securely fixed to the press when the press is not in use.

Next, install the Hydrauls Pro in the same way as the Tulaulic Press, using a 2.5-inch drill bit and extension.

This time, use the extension to screw the Hydraols Pro into the aluminum, then tighten the clamp.

Once you’re satisfied with the installation, you can tighten the extension and the clamp together.

The extension is secured with a metal bracket and threaded to the clamp, and the hydraulic press is now securely attached to the aluminum press.