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FourFourSeconds ago, we got some good news about Taha Hydraulics Power Pack.

As we have reported, Taha was recently awarded the prestigious Merit Award for Excellence in Power Pack Technology.

Now, we can tell you that the company is now getting ready to make its first shipment of Power Packs in India.

In fact, we have learnt that Taha will begin selling Power Packs at Rs 7,500 ($1,850) and will begin shipping them on January 31.

The price of the Power Pack in India will be between Rs 5,000 ($1.25) and Rs 5.5,000.

As per our sources, Tahah Hydraulic Power Pack is expected to ship in January, while the final quantity will be around the same time.

So, you can expect the Power Packs to arrive in India on January 2, at which point they will go on sale across the country.

Taha has been making Power Packs for the last five years and has been selling Power Pack at an impressive rate.

This will be Taha’s first foray into India.

As of now, the company does not have any Power Packs available for sale in the country, but we will be keeping an eye on the situation in the future.

Taha Power Pack will be a powerful, versatile and compact power pack.

It is expected that Tahas Power Pack can handle a range of tasks including powering an electric vehicle, powering a water pump, powering an air conditioner, powering appliances, powering computers and more.

Tahaha is currently focused on the power and water supply industries, and has also been planning to launch a water cooling unit soon.

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