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Best Android phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6 review

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Now Playing: Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S5 hands-on article Now Watching: Samsung has released its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, which is expected to be the company’s biggest ever smartphone release.

The S7 and S6 have sold around 1 million units worldwide, according to Samsung, making them the second and third highest selling handsets, respectively.

The Galaxy S9, which Samsung will release in August, is expected be the Galaxy’s biggest release yet, with sales of over 10 million units.

The smartphone will likely be priced between $200 and $300, according the company.

The Samsung Galaxy is also expected to have the biggest ever market share, with over 75% of the global smartphone market share.

Read more about Samsung:Samsung’s flagship Galaxy phones will debut in August.

Samsung says the S7, S6 and S7 Edge are “super-premium” phones, and that they are capable of “great battery life and amazing performance.”

Samsung’s latest flagship phones are expected to feature a large number of Samsung’s premium features, including a curved glass display, an IP68 rating, wireless charging and more.

The Samsung Galaxy will also be the first smartphone to be manufactured in China.

The new smartphone is expected come in a variety of colours including blue, pink, pink-red and white, along with a few other colours.

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