Which products are being added to Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 4 Pro?

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The Surface Pro 5 has a 12.3″ display, a new version of the original Surface Pro 3 keyboard, and new Intel processors. 

But the company is also releasing a new tablet, the Surface Pro 6, and its new Surface Book. 

The new Surface tablets will be available in a variety of configurations and models. 

Here’s a rundown of all of the new Surface models, along with a few of the specs and price tags. 

This is a preview of the Surface Book, which is also coming to Microsoft Stores, starting March 10. 

It’s expected to be the cheapest Surface Book available, starting at $399. 

But it’s also going to come with an ARM processor. 

According to the specs, the new Probook will have an Intel Core i5 processor, a 12GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, a 15.6″ touchscreen, a 1080p IPS display, and a 1TB hard drive. 

In addition, the Probook is going to be equipped with Intel’s Optane SSD. 

Intel’s new SSDs offer much better read and write speeds, but their performance is often limited by the number of SATA connections you can connect to. 

As such, the Optane technology lets Microsoft optimize performance without sacrificing the read and writing speed. 

Optane is not available in other consumer-grade SSDs. 

For more info on the Surface 3, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro, see Engadgets reviews of the devices and their pricing. 

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets come in four different configurations: The Surface Pro 7 comes with a 13.3-inch screen, a $299 price tag, a 5MP camera, an Intel Celeron processor, and an Intel Iris graphics processor.

 The Pro 7 also comes with an Intel Atom processor, 8G of RAM and 256GB of storage. 

Another version of this tablet, Surface Book 10, is priced at $429, and it’s going to feature a 13-inch, 10MP display, 1TB of storage, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. 

There’s also an optional Surface Pro 10 Pro tablet, which comes with the same 13-incher as the Surface 10 Pro, but with a slightly smaller display, 8-core processor, 512GB of memory, and 256MB of storage and 802-11ac connectivity. 

Both the Surface 7 and the Surface 9 will come with Intel processors, but the Pro 7 will also come with the Intel Atom M5 and Surface 9 Pro processors.

The Surface Pen is going away for the Surface Pen 2, which will also be coming to Surface Stores, beginning March 10, and comes with Microsoft’s Pen stylus and Surface Pen accessories. 

You can get the Pen for $59, which includes the Surface pen, Surface Pen 3 and Surface pen accessories.

There’s an optional, but not exclusive, Pen 3 Pen, which features a new design, a larger, retractable stylus, and improved features like a pen tip. 

Pen Pen 3 is going back to Apple. 

 Microsoft will also soon start offering Surface Pen to customers who buy Surface Pro tablet and Surface Book tablets. 

We expect Microsoft to offer the Pen Pen to new customers starting next month, so the pen will be a must-have accessory for all Surface users. 

However, Microsoft also announced the Surface Phone, a phone that will come in three configurations: The Surface Phone 12 will have a 12MP camera and a Snapdragon 835 processor.

The Phone 12 Pro will come equipped with a Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of onboard storage, 32GB of on-board memory, 802.15ac Wi‑Fi, and LTE, plus a microSD card slot. 

Next year, Microsoft is also planning to add a new device to the Surface family, the Microsoft Surface Hub, which uses a Surface Hub camera to connect to a tablet and then provide access to Microsoft Office apps. 

One interesting tidbit about Microsoft’s Surface Hub: the company is actually adding a new Surface Hub app to its Windows Store to help customers get more apps to their Windows PCs. 

At launch, Microsoft plans to sell a range of Windows 10-compatible apps to its Surface Hub customers, and Microsoft is now releasing these apps through its app store. 

To access the new app, Surface Hub users need to launch the Surface Hub on a Windows 10 PC. 

Once on the PC, the user can then use the Surface Home screen to access the app. 

While there’s no word yet on when Microsoft will roll out these apps to the rest of its Surface devices, the company does say that it plans to provide them to its customers over time. 

If you’re planning on buying a Surface Pro and want to see what else Microsoft is adding to the Windows Store, you’ll need to get the app installed first. 

Otherwise, you can check out the app store and download

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