Why does the Taha hydraulic power pack not work for my Taha water pumps

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A Taha supply pack has not worked for a Taha hydroelectric power plant that is struggling to provide enough power to its customers, despite the supply having been delivered to them.

The company has been working on a new supply line with a Russian supplier to ensure it has enough supply to keep the company running after the collapse of its two-year-old power station in January.

A Taha spokesperson said the company was working with the Russian supplier on a replacement power pack that will be delivered in the coming weeks.

“The supply line for the supply of the Tahas supply to the Russian company has not yet been finalized, but the Tahs first priority is to make sure that the Russian manufacturer is capable of fulfilling the TAHAS orders,” the spokesperson said.

“This is why TAHAs second priority is working with Russian supplier for the TACHIS power supply for the Russian facility.”

The supply of power from the Russian plant to the Indian Power Corporation (IPC) was cancelled in January after the Russian-owned power company went bankrupt.

It had faced pressure from investors who felt the supply from the Indian plant was too dependent on the Russian one and was a financial drain.

The TAHas chief executive, Dr Ashish Tiwari, has also criticised the state-owned company for not getting the supplies to its users in time.

The IPC is the second-largest hydroelectric dam in the world and has been under pressure to deliver power to the state of Maharashtra after it was forced to close its hydroelectric plant in Pune last year due to the loss of power due to a lack of water.