Taha hydraulic bearing puller to be installed in Indian shipyard

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Taha Industries Ltd.

will soon install a hydraulic bearing removal system to cut the weight of its ships at a shipyard in Kerala.

The Indian shipbuilding industry is facing a big challenge to keep up with global trends in the manufacturing of small, light-water craft that can navigate the turbulent seas of the Indian Ocean.

The new system, designed by Taha and designed to be compatible with a wide range of ships and vessels, is part of the company’s ambitious plans to cut down on shipping costs and improve competitiveness in the industry.

The move will help reduce the costs of the new Taha vessels, which are already under construction, the company said.

“This will help our competitors to compete more effectively,” said Gautam Khatri, vice president of the shipbuilding division at Taha.

“We are taking this step to reduce our costs.”

The move comes at a time when India’s ships are being upgraded by an international consortium of shipyards including Tata and Hindustan Shipbuilding Corp.

Taweja, which has built more than 1,500 of the smaller and lighter vessels, has also started work on the next generation of the Taha ships, which could be in service by 2021 or 2022.

Taha will build a new ship, called the Tila, which will be the world’s first small, medium and light vessel that is designed to carry around 250 passengers and 10 tonnes of cargo.

The company is planning to expand the Talaas capacity to 1,000 passengers and 2,000 tonnes of freight by 2022.

Taha’s latest vessels, the Taka, a smaller, light vessel, is also under construction.

The company has been in the business of building the smaller vessels since the 1970s.

Toda, which built ships for other ships including the Indian warship INS Sindhurakshak, has signed a deal with Taha for production of a large fleet of small vessels, and plans to begin construction of a new fleet of the larger Toda.