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How Taha’s Hydraulic Drive Works

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Taha has also added an option to allow users to manually adjust the angle of the torque-vectoring motor for the pump, as well as adjust the torque vectoring rate.

Taha’s hydraulic power system can be set to automatically adjust the pump torque to the maximum torque vector, and the user can manually set the speed of the pump at which the pump rotates.

Taha says it is designed to provide maximum power to the pump without requiring the user to manually calibrate it.

Tightening the torque in the hydraulic system can help alleviate some of the bottlenecks when it comes to pump performance.

Tahas pump is designed with an internal bearing to ensure the pump will never slip out of the water when the pump is not tightened.

Tahas Hydraulic System also includes an on-board digital control for the Hydraulic Motor Control System, which allows the user (via touch-screen) to tune the motor to suit their own needs.