Exports and Imports hit a new high in July 2018

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U.S. exports to Brazil and Brazil’s main export market dropped to their lowest level in six months, with imports to the U.K. rising sharply, as well.

Brazilian exports to the United States, which rose 8.3% in July from a year earlier, fell 6.9% to $6.9 billion.

Imports to the European Union rose 12.1% to €3.9.

Importers from the United Kingdom, France and Germany also saw strong exports.

U.S.-Brazil trade fell 5.3%, to $1.4 billion, the lowest level since February.

Imported goods, which include vehicles, furniture and chemicals, fell 7.2%, to a record high of $1,664.

Brazil exported $2.8 billion worth of goods to the EU last month.

Imports to Brazil rose 9.3%.

Exports to France fell 10.4%, and imports to Germany fell 3.7%.

The U.N. is projecting the economy to grow 1.7% this year.

Brazil’s exports to China fell 6% in June, its steepest fall since April.

Brazil has been battling a steep drop in its trade with China, which is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Brazil also saw a sharp drop in the volume of imports from China, the world’s second-biggest economy.

Impetus fell 7% to 3.1 billion tonnes in June from 3.3 billion tonnes a year ago.

Importer volumes fell 6%.

Brazil has been losing money for two years as the country has been struggling with the effects of the global financial crisis and a massive influx of migrants and poor people from the Middle East and Africa.