Why do hydraulic jack companies like Taha use the same company?

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Taha says it’s “very much a collaborative effort.”

In other words, it’s all about getting the same product to customers.

Taha uses a supplier from Thailand that makes hydraulic jack equipment.

But in the past, the company says it used a different supplier because the Thai supplier was “a little bit out of date.”

Taha’s biggest competitor is Hydraulic Engineering Inc., which sells jack plates to companies including Caterpillar and GE.

“We’ve been partners with them for years, but we’re the only one that’s been making the product,” Taha vice president of engineering Jason Siegel said in an interview.

TAHRAULIC GE: Hydraulic jack manufacturers “make it so you can go in and get it,” Siegel added.

But, when Taha acquired Hydraulic Engines, Siegel and other company officials were “very concerned” that the Thai manufacturer might stop producing the products.

THAWAHA, NEW YORK, September 29, 2019 — Taha, New York-based hydraulic jack manufacturer Hydraulic Geyser, LLC, said Tuesday it will close its U.S. manufacturing facilities.

The company says the move is a result of the increased regulatory pressure brought on by hydraulic fracturing.

“It was just a case of, how do we keep up with what’s happening?”

Taha President Steve Stemmer said.

Tahaha was formed in 2012 by the merger of two other companies, Taha-Hydraulic Geothermal Inc. and Taha Engineering Co., in response to pressure from local residents.

The companies merged in 2016.

The new company, now called Taha Hydroulic Geophysical, is expected to continue operating in the U.K. and in the United States.

Thaqua, which says it has sold more than 4 million hydraulic jack plates since 2007, said in a statement that the closure is “part of our continued focus on quality and cost reduction.”