Why the Taha Hydraulics Power Pack is a huge leap forward for Honda engines

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By now, you may have noticed that Honda has been getting a lot of attention recently with its new engine, the TPS.

Now the Honda team has announced that the new power unit is actually much more powerful than the TAH engine it replaced. 

As you can see in the video below, Honda’s new power pack will produce 2.7G/3.0G more power than its predecessor, the Honda CR-V, making it the fastest Honda power unit to date. 

The TPS also packs a new turbocharger, which gives the Honda engines a turbocharged power band that can produce 1.5G/1.7g more power on a full charge than the old turbo. 

Honda’s new turbo also delivers more than 300PS, while the Tah engine only delivers 150PS. 

For comparison, the 1.7L turbo of the CR-Vs turbochargers delivers more power at 1.6G/2.2g, while Honda’s 1.3L turbo delivers a whopping 1.9G/4.3g more than the CRV turbo.

In short, the new turbo provides a tremendous increase in performance over the old Honda engines, while it offers the same level of power, and in turn, more efficiency. 

While Honda says it has been working on the new engine for more than two years, it’s not clear if the engine will debut until 2020.

But the company says it will be able to produce it in large numbers, because the engine is more than twice as powerful as the old engine. 

In short, it will make an enormous difference to Honda’s engines in both performance and efficiency, and it will help it reach its 2020 goal of producing over 100,000 motorcycles per year. 

With that, here’s the full press release: Honda Honda team to unveil the T-TEXI power pack: HONDA is delighted to announce the launch of the TEXI engine power pack, a breakthrough technology designed for the future of Honda’s power units. 

TEXII is the first engine power unit developed in collaboration with a Honda engine supplier.

The new engine power system is the result of an intensive and collaborative process involving over two years of technical development and engineering. 

By combining Honda’s most advanced engineering and research with the latest in design, technology and production techniques, TEXII provides the highest level of performance, efficiency and fuel economy of any engine power source, making Honda engines the world’s most efficient and environmentally-friendly engines. 

We are delighted to introduce the new TEX II power pack and look forward to sharing the details of the vehicle and engine development process in the near future. 

 Honduras Honda team will unveil the new Honda engine power plant in the coming weeks. 

Thanks to our partners in the Honda engineering team and their tireless efforts, we are excited to bring the TESI engine into production for the Honda Civic Type R and CR-X. 

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