How to fix a $4,000,000 iPhone 5c battery leak

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In a recent update to Apple’s iPhone 5C, the company fixed a problem with a “low-frequency” battery that could result in an unexpectedly large battery drain.

The problem was described as a “slight vibration” in the battery, which can occur if the battery is left in place for too long or when the phone is charging overnight.

As a result, the iPhone 5 has a low-frequency battery that is capable of leaking up to about 25 percent of the battery’s capacity, according to an Apple spokesperson.

But while that’s a fairly small amount of battery leakage, it could cause a battery failure, a very serious problem for Apple, which has been suffering from widespread battery problems.

Apple’s latest update, which came on Tuesday, includes a fix for this issue, and the company has also released a new firmware update that will make it easier to fix this issue.

It’s also possible to disable the iPhone’s “low frequency” battery by turning off the power button and then turning the power off manually.

If you’re unable to fix the problem by changing your battery settings, the best option is to leave the phone on for hours and then remove it and replace it with a brand new one.

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