TahaHydraulic PowerPack: A compact, energy-efficient electric-powered water truck

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The Taha Hydroulic Powerpack was a design for a compact electric water truck.

The truck uses a hydraulic motor that provides a range of 2,000-4,000km with a range extender to help with weight distribution.

A range extenders allows the truck to go from a maximum of 2.5km to a maximum range of 8km, which is impressive.

The vehicle is designed for long distances and can handle up to 25 people.

It can also be used for transport of heavy equipment or even as a vehicle for hauling water.

It has a range in excess of 2km with the option of a range extension.

The design is also light, with a total weight of just 7kg.

The Tahoea team also built the Taha hydraulics for the Tahoes water truck, which the company says is a new generation technology.

The technology uses a new type of hydraulic system that is lightweight and efficient, but also durable.

This is because the vehicle’s hydraulic system is a series of tubes, rather than just a single piece of steel, and is comprised of two parts.

The first is a “proprietary system” that helps to provide the water’s electrical energy.

The second is a second set of tubes that connects the water truck’s hydraulic systems to the vehicle.

The team said this was “the most efficient system we’ve seen in a water truck”.

The team also demonstrated that the TAHO system can drive a water boat at up to 4km/h, with the water in the truck delivering up to 15kW of power.

The hydraulic system can be charged and discharged at the same time, so the truck can be operated for up to 24 hours.

The company said the design is suitable for long distance transport and can transport water as heavy as 300 tonnes.

“With the latest innovations, our Taha hydroulic powerpack will help in making the Toho River and the Tahoe River even more water friendly,” said John Hockett, CEO of the Tahoes water company.

The system has a battery that is charged and can be discharged from the water tank at night.

The powerpack can also handle the load of transporting heavy equipment, such as haul trucks.

The water truck can also drive over obstacles like roads, bridges and dams, with its two large axles.

“The TAHOE system is currently in a testing phase and we look forward to developing the technology into commercial vehicles, including water trucks,” the company said.

“Our goal is to be the largest water-powered power-assisted vehicle in the world by 2025.”

The TAHOO system can also power a water bus, the team said.

The next big challenge for the company will be to develop the technology for a larger scale, with water trucks being used for transporting heavy machinery.

“Tahoeo’s first priority is to provide safe, reliable and affordable water transportation for the communities in its pipeline,” the team added.

The latest design is expected to be delivered in 2019.