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Which company will win out in the Tesla Powerpack battle?

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Posted July 01, 2020 13:15:20A new generation of energy-efficient, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles has been launched by Tesla Motors Inc. to replace the electric Model S sedan in its lineup.

Tahoe-based Tesla unveiled the Powerpack, a hybrid powertrain with lithium-ion batteries, in September, and has already begun production.

The company said Thursday that it is now shipping Powerpacks in a total of 22 countries.

The product line includes the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Semi.

Tebbit Technologies, a subsidiary of Panasonic Corp., will be the lead supplier of Powerpacks.

The Powerpack is the brainchild of Tahoe-area entrepreneur and Tesla founder JB Straubel, who said that he was inspired by the electric sedan’s design and the need for cleaner, greener vehicles.

The powerpack combines a lithium-air battery pack with a hybrid electric motor, the Powerpacks battery.

The Tesla Powerpacks are a combination of a battery with an electric motor to produce a range of approximately 250 miles on a single charge.

The company said it hopes the Power Pack can achieve a range similar to a new car that has been sold in the U.S. for about $70,000, and is more than four times the price of a comparable Model S.

Tbbit Technologies said the Power Packs will be produced using a high-performance liquid-cooled lithium-manganese-air electrolyzer and a high quality metal alloys that are highly resistant to corrosion.